Achieving Integration with a Digital Transformation Strategy

of organisations are currently planning or undertaking digital transformation
900 apps are used, on average, by each global organisation
of apps in the same organisation aren’t integrated

Digitalisation is growing in importance for companies of all sizes, in all industries. Slowly but surely, businesses are choosing best-of-breed technology to make each process digital. The result is more applications at work than ever before.

But are they working together? In most cases, companies have a combination of legacy and cutting-edge systems, with everything in-between. There’s sometimes a duplication in the mix. What they don’t have is true integration.

The question is: how do they get the most out of their existing technology while updating it for the 21st century, all without compromising on user experience? That’s what we’ll be exploring.

Digitise or die?

In 2018, Gartner found that every single industry ranks ‘digital business’ as one of their top 10 objectives.

That said, we’re not at the point of digitise or die just yet. With a digital transformation strategy, IT leaders need to decide how quickly integrations should happen, depending on the sector, competition and customers. But most important of all is the organisation’s capacity for change.

Naturally, companies want to make the changes because of the benefits to their workforce and customers. But with so many technologies, processes, departments and people involved in a transformation, a hasty overhaul will likely lead to a lack of integration and a negative impact on the way people work.

As time goes on, this will become even more pivotal. Companies of the future will not just be digital. They will innovate beyond customer expectations with integration across technologies and across countries.

A cultural journey

Digital transformation isn’t an overnight project. It’s an ongoing cultural journey that impacts everyone. To make it work, businesses need to engage every branch, department and team in their strategy. Every single employee needs to buy-in to the adoption and IT teams need to put those employees at the heart of the decisions they make. But most importantly, it needs to be integrated across the board. Our holistic approach extends from the applications and technologies you use to the procurement, contracts, pricing and support you require.

At Aura Alliance, we create a joint venture between IT and the rest of your company.

We implement a gradual cultural change driven by technology. That change is tailored based on the needs of each individual company.


Where is your transformation journey? What do you need to do to move forward? What is your company ambition? We assess your current position and map out a comprehensive business strategy before you invest in anything.

That starts with your core competencies and business-critical values. From there, we work on methods, processes and technology to drive your transformation efforts forward.


We work with you to align the digital transformation with your business – not the other way around. First and foremost, this means matching enterprises with the technologies that fit best for them and making them work together seamlessly.

Our team will also assist with the technical challenges of digital transformation. With our help, your workforce can become digitally literate with the skills needed for true innovation.


Aura Labs truly bridges the gap between different departments, technologies and processes within the digital transformation. Expect smooth transitions, preserving the effectiveness of legacy technology while integrating new systems.

We can bring together all the technology you need and make sure users are getting the most out of it. The result? Improved efficiency, reduced delays and technologies that can fulfil their potential.

Why choose the Aura Alliance?

We have 5,000 specialists covering thousands of technologies across the globe. In short, we can deliver anything you need.
Our global team channels all the different projects in your digital transformation journey. That’s a single point of contact you can rely on.
Don’t be afraid to add new technology to your existing systems. We will support it, manage it and train your users for you.
We manage all the admin for multiple vendors. You can breathe easy with one contract, one invoice and one provider – globally.