Customers Stories

A leading pharmaceuticals company improves its IT Health with centralised global managed support.

150 sites

with feet-on-the-street support

70,000 users

supported by one dedicated team


service desk availability globally


contracts consolidated into one

Driving a healthier life through innovation and technology

A global health and pharmaceuticals company was looking to streamline its unified communications support to reduce internal resources and improve processes and efficiencies.


A complex mix of systems, vendors and geographies

The companies ongoing M&A strategy to drive health innovation further was proving challenging, as each acquisition brought with it disparate systems to manage across multiple partners and countries globally.

The company’s incumbent provider lacked in-country resource, knowledge and know-how and therefore, these requirements had to be outsourced to local service providers making it cost prohibitive and complicated to manage. Additionally, it was investing a lot of time and resource into managing Avaya UA/SA contracts for each site, which was cumbersome due to the differing terms and start/finish dates of the contracts.


Creating a seamless experience

The company’s main requirement was to work with a single provider that could seamlessly deliver a truly global experience across all countries and provide global visibility across the board.


Greater visibility

Aura provided a dedicated team to manage and support its 70,000 users globally, with a single point of contact and centralised data. They now have full control across their entire estate and the ability to monitor all of their systems in a unified way.


Pay for what you need

We carried out an audit of the company’s existing systems and infrastructure. This identified unused licenses and outdated systems that could be switched off, freeing up funds to use elsewhere.


Local knowledge and know-how

We worked with our partners in each country to understand local challenges and solve these quickly using in-country knowledge and expertise. This has saved the company in time, money and resource allowing them to focus on other priorities.


Centralised contracts

We consolidated 400 contracts across vendors and regions into just one, with one co-terminus date and a standard set of pricing for all countries. This has simplified the management of their assets, significantly reduced administration time and associated costs, and given peace of mind that they are only paying for what they really need.


Gaining control of IT Strategy

When dealing with multiple countries, particularly from mergers or acquisitions, remaining strategically aligned is a real challenge. Through Aura, the company has gained the visibility to monitor its entire IT and system health, and because projects are centralised with Aura’s Global Project Managers and its HQ in America, the overall IT strategy remains consistent in every country.

Key challenges they were facing

USER EXPERIENCE – Disparate systems across countries and vendors degraded the experience for users.
VISIBILITY– Lack of insight across their estate led to loss of control. They didn’t know what assets they had and what they were paying for.
TIME – Too much time was spent managing differing vendors and contracts leaving no time to focus on the bigger picture.
IN-COUNTRY VARIANCES– Each country operated according to local rules and regulations. This was a minefield to manage.