Customer Stories

The UK’s largest service integrator entrusts Aura to deliver unparalleled global service support to a multinational insurance company.

80,000 users

supported across multiple vendors and technologies

700 sites

covered  in 30 countries across USA and EMEA


delivery, pricing and support across the globe

One team

one contract, one consistent global SLA

Supporting any technology, anytime, anywhere

Managing multiple contracts, SLAs and pricing from a multitude of different vendors across the world is no mean feat. Which is why the UK’s largest service integrator selected Aura, the only global organisation equipped to deliver consistently high levels of service globally at competitive prices, to help achieve this.


80,000 users, 700 sites, multiple vendors

The customer, a multinational insurance company, had acquired a diverse range of technologies over the years spanning multiple vendors and geographies. This was becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

The time had come to rationalise its communications infrastructure and streamline its eco-system of vendors to better support its 80,000 users around the world.


Extension of the team

Due to the magnitude of this project, the service integrator needed a partner with global expertise to become an extension of its team to help deliver the project. Aura was the obvious choice with its track record of solving the biggest challenges of global communications through simplifying delivery, pricing and support via a single source.


Appreciation of the basics

We worked together with the service integrator team to ascertain a deep level of understanding of the customer’s structure and internal processes to align systems and procedures. This has enabled us to deliver one consistent user experience to its 714 sites in 30 countries.


A common goal

We took the time to introduce team members from Aura and its partners to the service integrator teams, including project managers, engineers and service delivery managers from around the world. This has ensured that communication channels are always open and avoids any blame-culture. When issues arise, they are picked up and resolved quickly and efficiently wherever the problem lies.


Feet on the street

Our extensive global network of partners enables us to deliver services in-country. This has given the company direct access to qualified maintenance and installation engineers on the ground in each of its sites, all who operate with local knowledge and know-how. This not only prevents language barrier issues but has significantly reduced fault to resolution times.


24/7 support

Our Operations Centre provides Tier 2/3 service desk and advanced support 24/7. This ensures the company’s 80,000 users across EMEA and North America are fully supported wherever and whenever they need us.


Above and beyond

The UK’s largest service integrator has been so impressed with Aura going beyond the call of duty that it has requested additional services and support for other customers. Our can do attitude means we deliver as promised every time and our professionalism and personal approach has instilled trust, making us the provider of choice for future projects.

Key challenges they were facing

REACH – The service integrator didn’t have the coverage or physical presence needed to support customer sites across all regions.
GLOBAL EXPERTISE – Being primarily UK focused, there were gaps in knowledge and know-how for in-country delivery of services.
CONSISTENCY – Varying technologies and contracts brought with it disparity making it complicated to manage the estate as one.
IN-COUNTRY RESOURCE – With operations in 30 countries, reliable on-site support was hard to find and difficult to manage.

Solutions used