All Clear! Aura’s SC Security Clearance

Whether you’re handling customer data, discussing confidential information or just dealing with sensitive internal issues, security is paramount when it comes to IT and communications technology. A breach, leak or hack can cause significant damage to your company – including your reputation as well as financial costs.

At Aura, we completely understand the need for the highest levels of security when working with IT and communications technology. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we now have full SC clearance, giving enterprise customers reassurance that they are in safe hands.

What is SC Clearance?

SC clearance stands for Security Check. It’s one of the three main types of security vetting, alongside Counter Terrorist Check (CTC) and Developed Vetting (DV). While CTC and DV have very specific applications, SC clearance is highly important for any role with access to sensitive assets.

It’s attained following a thorough vetting process, which involves multiple security questionnaires and interviews along with a variety of checks on the company and employees involved. And it’s reviewed periodically to make sure service providers remain safe and secure for their customers.

What SC Clearance means for you

Thankfully, Aura has passed all of the checks above, meaning we now have full SC clearance. In the simplest terms, that means our enterprise customers can trust us on any projects dealing with delicate information or assets.

This is often a requirement on government and public sector projects. But it’s also invaluable for enterprise customers who deal with sensitive information, whether it’s regarding their company or their own customers.

Above all else, it’s yet another sign that Aura is a service provider you can trust.

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Combining SC clearance with a wide-ranging Solutions Hub and an invaluable global network, Aura can assist with high-security projects involving multiple vendors across the globe.

If you want to talk in more depth about how we can help with your project, Aura is ready and waiting. Arrange a consultation with one of our SC cleared team to discuss the best solutions for your requirements.

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