How Can TMO Help You?

Transition is a natural and necessary process for every company. However, by definition, it involves adapting to new requirements, processes and technology. Despite having a vast array of skills and expertise in-house, not many organizations have an effective internal system for managing this change. That’s where Aura’s Transition Management Office (TMO) can help, as this post will explore…

What is Transition Management Office?

Transition Management Office (TMO) is a service dedicated to successfully delivering transition and transformation projects with consistent, scalable outcomes. It comprises a standard methodology and toolset – Aura TaskGenie® – along with a team of specialists who will manage every aspect of your project from start to finish.

In simple terms, we’ll take a task, whatever the size or scale, and manage the people and the project on your behalf. Our flexible service will mitigate risk and ensure the successful delivery of strategic outcomes that meet agreed cost, margin and timing objectives.

How does TMO work?

Powered by Smart/tasking, Aura TaskGenie® sits at the heart of our TMO services. It’s built around an open system with workflow, project co-ordination, analytics and reporting to manage every aspect of your project. That’s paired with over 100 APIs to connect with almost any existing technology, including ServiceNow, Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.

Using Aura TaskGenie®, our team will optimize and automate workflow tasks to make your project more time- and cost-efficient. In doing so, we’ll also make the operation much easier to scale up. All of this is tailored to your specific requirements and the nature of your project.

The benefits of TMO

By enhancing every aspect of your transformation project, TMO offers a number of long-term benefits going forward. First and foremost, workflows are completely optimized. Duplication is eliminated and repetitive tasks automated, providing more valuable time for your team and reducing the chance of human error.

On top of that, it improves the project timeframes. Manual operations are minimized, overall time to deliver is reduced and everything is fully traceable.

The result is improved communication across the board. Processes are well defined, workflows are fully visible and nobody is left out of the loop.

Most importantly, Aura’s global multi-vendor expertise means we can manage transformation and transitions across geographical and technological boundaries. Rather than having to contract multiple providers for each technology and region, the entire process can be managed by a single provider to ensure the agreed outcomes are delivered.

Find out more about TMO

Like all of our Professional Services, our TMO solutions are tailored to the requirements of each client. If you’d like to talk about your project in more depth, we would be happy to arrange a free consultation.

Contact Aura online, email or download our latest brochure for more information.

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