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As we move further into the digital age, we’re seeing more ways technology can replicate experiences and interactions we have on a daily basis. That extends from remote interactions by video call to full-scale digital events.

But it’s not just about facilitating human-to-human communication using technology. Nowadays, it’s possible for AI to replicate those exchanges, creating human-like interactions from a computer. In turn, that can increase efficiency, boost performance and improve customer experience.

That’s exactly what’s on offer with Aura’s Conversational Solutions, an addition to our Aura Insight portfolio which we were delighted to present at Avaya’s recent Partner Community Council (PCC) virtual conference in July.

Quick, consistent, efficient

Powered by Sestek, our Conversational Solutions use AI to automatically interpret and respond to customer queries or other messages. The innovative technology works for both speech and text, providing a truly human-like interaction to delight your customers.

Whether it’s a chatbot, virtual assistant or interactive voice response (IVR), your AI solution can save you time without compromising on customer experience.

Quite the opposite in fact. The AI solution will provide an immediate response to customers that is consistent every time, including automatic customer authentication that’s quicker and safer.

It’s completely automated, reducing time consumption for your staff – and the cost of that time for your company. But that’s not all. Available as part of Aura Insight, the technology also analyses performance and customer experience, enabling continuous improvement with speech and text analytics, agent performance and IVR monitoring.

Tailored to you

Modern customers don’t just use one device to interact with your business – and they expect the same results whether they’re on mobile or desktop. With wide-ranging experience and expertise, Aura can cater for just that. We’ll provide a truly omnichannel platform that delivers consistent experiences, whoever your vendor and whatever your underlying technology, while saving you time and effort.

Immediate success

After launching our Conversational Solutions in July, we’ve already had multiple enquiries from customers who want to save time, improve consistency and continually improve their customer experience. We’re delighted to see the first two of our solutions go live, with many more successes on the way.

Why not join their growing ranks? Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can tailor Conversational AI Solutions to fit your organisations needs perfectly.

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