Welcome to the Aura Referral Program

As a new kind of managed services provider, Aura is dedicated to changing the way global communications are supported. That’s why we’re delighted to launch our pioneering Referral Program, giving affiliates and their customers access to our wide-ranging Solutions Hub.

With a direct presence in over 120 countries, affiliates can now earn commission on a global scale, with up to 20% in recurring revenue on offer.

How it works

Our new Referral Program is open to agencies, consultants, developers and independents, allowing them to refer customers to Aura in exchange for commission.

Signing up to the Program gives affiliates access to an array of powerful solutions through our unique Solutions Hub. This includes collaboration, communication, cloud computing, analytics, contact centre and IT support, with over 5,000 consultants, project managers and engineers covering more than 35 technology vendors.

Once affiliates have joined the scheme, they receive commission payments on won opportunities based on monthly recurring revenues with a simple contract. Crucially, there’s no commitment and no fees for joining. Affiliates also benefit from our dedicated support, which is available to them and their customers across the globe.

Encouraging growth on a global scale

The main focus of our new Referral Program is to help affiliates grow. Once you or your company has joined the Program, you can promote a wide range of Aura services which you couldn’t previously offer. This adds value for your own customers, as well as generating a financial reward through commission.

“We’re delighted to be launching our new referral program. The scheme offers a simple yet profitable way for individuals or companies to refer opportunities, and with our simple agreement contract and transparent payment plan it couldn’t be easier to earn more business”.

The next step in Aura’s journey

The introduction of a new Referral Program is the latest step in Aura’s transformation to becoming a truly global service provider. Allowing more affiliates to work within our network enables us to assist even more end-users across the globe.

That comes as we continue to add more services to our arsenal, with recent additions including Aura Connect – a global SIP offering that enables voice in Microsoft Teams.

“We offer an extensive best-of-breed portfolio of managed cloud platforms and solutions, as well as unrivalled expertise and support for Microsoft, Ring Central, Cisco and Avaya to name a few technologies. We welcome partners to leverage the Aura brand on a global scale to uncover and earn rewards from previously out of reach opportunities.”

Join our Referral Program

If you want to leverage Aura’s expertise, experience and global multi-vendor network, our Referral Program is the perfect fit. Get in touch with our team today to find out more and get started.

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