The Big Business Paradox: Staying Close to Customers as You Grow

Businesswoman Staying Connected

Most businesses want to grow. However, this doesn’t come without growing pains, such as process inefficiencies, communication breakdowns and culture dilution. One area that’s overlooked is losing that personal touch your customers have come to know and love.

Empowering Customers: How Self-Service Technologies Are Redefining Support

Woman Using Self-Service Technologies

The demand for quick and efficient customer support is higher than ever. So much so, people now prefer to just do it themselves!

Before the pandemic struck, a staggering 81% of customers preferred to tackle issues on their own before seeking help from a live representative. This preference has only grown, pushing organisations to increasingly invest in self-service technologies.

Navigating the Complexities of Vendor Diversity with Aura

Managing Data From Multiple Vendors

Managing a diverse array of vendors has become a common yet complex challenge for many organisations. While vendor diversity can bring a range of benefits, it often introduces a maze of contracts, varying service levels and communication hurdles. This makes enterprise communication management an intricate task.

Old Systems, New Tricks: How to Modernise Legacy Applications

Business Woman Using Tablet

While often the backbone of many established organisations, legacy systems are increasingly becoming a double-edged sword. They encapsulate years of data and operational intricacies but often lag in agility and efficiency. The result is an inability to adapt to new market demands and technological trends.

Enterprise Communications: What Can We Expect in 2024 & Beyond?

Businessman smiling and talking with a client

Enterprise communications can make or break a business. It enables efficient communication with customers and collaboration across organisations. This is especially important for large, multinational corporations which are spread across multiple sites.

Avaya + Microsoft = The Aura Hybrid Way

Hybrid Working Future choices on a black city-center sign in front of a modern office building

Avaya and Microsoft are two of the leading lights in unified communications. But what if you want to use both? Aura can help with a unique hybrid approach that offers invaluable capabilities in both Avaya and Microsoft – across the globe.

What Does ‘All Hybrid’ Mean for the Future of Work?

business woman in hybrid conference call

Hybrid working is nothing new. In fact, 83% of organisations now have hybrid working in place.

However, despite the growing popularity of this working model, hybrid working is still seen as secondary to the traditional office-based job by many.