Avaya + Microsoft = The Aura Hybrid Way

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Avaya and Microsoft are two of the leading lights in unified communications. But what if you want to use both? Aura can help with a unique hybrid approach that offers invaluable capabilities in both Avaya and Microsoft – across the globe.

Read on as we take a closer look…

Benefits & challenges of Avaya & Microsoft together

Avaya and Microsoft are utilised by hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe. Avaya is used by almost 90% of Fortune 100 companies, for example, while Microsoft Teams boasts a figure of 91%. Needless to say, there are countless organisations that use both.

This best-of-both-worlds approach has clear advantages. You get to cherry pick your favourite features and functionality from two of the world’s best vendors and combine it for an IT and communications estate that truly does it all. That could be an Avaya call centre with Microsoft Teams’ collaboration tools, for example.

But it does come with its challenges – namely, support. Most organisations will have to find separate support for their Avaya and Microsoft technologies. That means multiple contracts, SLAs and points of contact.

Things are complicated even further for multi-national businesses, who could be working with several service provides for Avaya in different countries – paired with a long list of providers for Microsoft in those countries too. Now try getting a problem fixed when something goes wrong.

There’s also the issue of integrating the two. Your typical Avaya specialist won’t have the required know-how when it comes to other technologies like Microsoft Teams – and vice-versa. And it’s easier said than done getting two providers (or more) to work together.

The result? Many companies will:

  • Put up with the status quo with multiple service providers for support, a huge management headache and sub-par support when it’s needed.
  • Suffer productivity issues due to poor or non-existent integration across different technologies.
  • Compromise with what they really want and move to either Avaya, Microsoft or another vendor entirely to make their life simpler. However, doing so could cause major disruption and cost a fair amount too.

Introducing a better way with Aura

What if you could find one service provider for your Avaya and Microsoft requirements? Admittedly, it’s rare – but we offer exactly that at Aura…

Our Avaya expertise

With over 30 years of expertise in Avaya, we can cover all your support – from on-premises to Avaya cloud, contact centre and even end-of-manufacturer support. We have Diamond-level capabilities, reflected in our six titles as number one Avaya reseller in the EMEA region.

With Aura, Avaya is available in 145 countries with truly local support for a fast response without any language barriers. That makes us the only Avaya partner to cover the world with a local footprint.

Our Microsoft expertise

On the Microsoft front, Aura can act as an experienced partner to fuel your Teams environment. We hold exclusive certification for Microsoft Teams Operator Connect across 89 countries. Our team also has extensive Direct Routing expertise, giving organisations more freedom when adding voice to Microsoft Teams.

As covered in our blog post comparing the two, both of these options are alternatives to Microsoft Calling Plans. Operator Connect is quick to deploy with immediate service activation, with software development and carrier APIs required. Direct Routing integrates better with legacy systems and provides more flexibility, though it does require more time and resources to deploy.

One unified approach

At Aura, we can support both Avaya and Microsoft Teams under one roof. That includes any shape and form of Avaya – on-premises, cloud, contact centres, end of life, end of manufacturer, experience centre and devices – and the entire Microsoft Teams collaboration suite.

Put simply, we allow the best technology to co-exist and help IT managers transition their way. Aura supports both legacy and cloud with professional services to make your life simpler.

It’s not just Avaya and Microsoft either. We’re completely vendor agnostic, so we can support Microsoft and Avaya alongside other collaboration or unified communications solutions. Whatever your requirements, everything will be bright together with one service provider, one invoice and one accountable point of contact.

Now apply that to all of your sites in different countries – and you can see the unique value Aura offers. We offer support in 145 countries across the world, so you don’t need to find and manage countless different service providers.

Benefits of Aura’s hybrid capabilities

Aura’s unique hybrid approach lets you move to the cloud your way. There’s no need to rush the process and ditch legacy technology before you’re ready. Equally, you don’t have to compromise on the functionality you want and need from your cloud-based estate.

That’s not all. Customers that move to Aura can also save up to 20% on costs. This is down to a number of factors:

  • Improved visibility – Bringing all your contracts together allows us to identify any unused licences or resources, so you don’t for anything that you don’t need.
  • Consolidated approach – We provide everything you need in one place, so you’re not paying extra fees for lots of different providers.
  • Fair pricing – It’s simple. We believe in transparency. Unlike other providers, we don’t burden our customers with excessive margins or bump up our prices with hidden costs.
  • Global footprint – With local engineers spanning across 145 countries, we eliminate the need to fly experts out for every intervention.
  • Expert insight – Aura’s wealth of experience helps you be smarts in the way you use resources without compromising the quality of service.

Put Aura to the test

Aura’s combined expertise in Avaya and Microsoft is truly unique. If you’re struggling to manage a long list of service providers, putting up with inadequate support or compromising on your team’s productivity, it’s time to make a change!

You don’t have to choose between Microsoft and Avaya. Aura is ready and waiting to provide global support that covers all bases for your organisation. Contact us today to talk more about your requirements.


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