Is Microsoft Operator Connect Right for Your Organization?

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If you're looking for a simple, cost-effective, and scalable way to connect your phone system to Microsoft Teams, then Microsoft Operator Connect is a great option. As a certified Operator Connect partner, Aura can help you understand how Operator Connect works, what features it has, and how it can benefit your organization. Read on as we take a closer look.

What is Operator Connect?

Microsoft Operator Connect is a cloud-based service that allows businesses to connect their existing phone systems to Microsoft Teams. With Operator Connect, businesses can make and receive calls using Teams, while still using their existing phone numbers and features.

Operator Connect is a managed service, which means that Microsoft partners (like Aura) handle the provisioning, management, and maintenance of the service. This frees up businesses to focus on their core operations, while still getting the benefits of a modern unified communications solution.


Features of Operator Connect

Direct PSTN connectivity

Operator Connect provides direct connectivity to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This means that businesses can make and receive calls from outside their business using Teams.

Global reach

It’s also available in 89 countries through Aura, so businesses can make and receive calls anywhere in the world.

High-quality audio

With Operator Connect, you get high-quality audio on calls made through Teams. As a result, businesses can have clear and concise conversations, even when they’re using a mobile device.

Secure calling

Operator Connect uses industry-standard security measures to protect calls made through Teams. So, businesses can be confident that their conversations are secure.

Call queues

Organizations can create call queues to manage incoming calls and ensure that callers are always connected to the right person or department.

Voice routing

You can also control how calls are routed, both internally and externally.

Caller ID

Businesses can customize caller ID to display their own phone number or a different number, such as a call center number.


Finally, Operator Connect allows you to generate reports on call activity, such as call volume, call duration, and caller location.

Make phone calls directly in Microsoft Teams

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More than 100 users?

How will Operator Connect benefit your organization?


Operator Connect is a simple and easy-to-use solution. Businesses can connect to their preferred operator and assign phone numbers to users all from within the Teams admin center.

Cost savings

It can also help businesses save money on their phone bills. By bringing their own carrier, organizations can avoid the per-user fees associated with Microsoft Calling Plans.


With Operator Connect, businesses also get a lot of flexibility.  Calling plans to suit your business on a per user or location basis.

Easy deployment

Operator Connect can be deployed quickly and easily, with no need for on-premises hardware or software.


Operator Connect is a secure solution. Microsoft partners with only the most reputable and secure carriers.

Enhanced support

Operators provide technical support and shared service level agreements to improve support services.


Direct peering powered by Azure creates a one-to-one network connection for enhanced reliability.

Future proofing

Operator Connect is a future-proof solution that can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Utilise you M365 Licenses 

Take advantage of your Teams Phone System entitlement included with E5. 

Why Aura?

One of the key benefits of Operator Connect is that Microsoft has a network of certified partners to handle deployment, management and maintenance. As a certified partner, Aura is fully equipped to help you connect your phone system to Microsoft Teams quickly and easily.

With Aura, you benefit from guaranteed service availability with geo-redundant voice backed by multiple POPs for 99.99% uptime. We’ll also make sure your deployment is fully compliant with E911 regulations.

Aura is the ideal partner for multi-national organizations, as Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is available in 89 countries with local numbers and multi-currency support.

That’s all wrapped up in one contract with one point of contact and consistent SLAs. We can also provide support for full-carrier SIP Trunking and SBC-as-a-Service solutions, so you can bring all your comms under one roof.

Want to find out more or get started today? Simply contact our team today.


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