Modernizing Analogue Assets with Aura Connect

Moving to the cloud isn’t always straight-forward, especially for analogue systems like DECT and fax. Find out how Aura Connect for Analogue can help.

As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, moving to the cloud isn’t always straight-forward. This is especially true for analogue systems, where traditional landlines and ‘tricky’ assets don’t fit in today’s modern world.

The likes of fax or DECT can’t simply be moved to cloud overnight. That is, until now!


Our ‘Tricky-as-a-Service’ approach.

If your day-to-day operations rely heavily on analogue, around 20% of your devices won’t be supported in the cloud, on average. These include DECT, analogue conference phones, extensions in lifts, Wi-Fi, wireless handsets, and fax.

That’s a common problem in lots of sectors, such as retail, manufacturing and hospitality. As such, countless organizations require separate connections and services for their analogue and digital devices. They also struggle to integrate their estate, given that analogue equipment won’t work in the cloud, creating obstacles for collaboration, monitoring, scalability and so much more.

Things are even more urgent in the UK, where BT has pencilled in the PSTN switch-off for 2025. Put simply, analogue technology will be obsolete by that year. The first step is already underway, with the sale of traditional phone lines ending this year. As a result, the clock really is ticking for UK organizations, or multi-nationals with UK sites.

Whether you’re preparing for BT’s UK switch off or just want to better integrate new and existing technology, digitisation is the answer. That’s where Aura Connect for Analogue can help.


What is Aura Connect for Analogue?

Aura Connect for Analogue is a simple, yet powerful solution that instantly connects people and entities with digital capabilities, regardless of device. A simple appliance enables ‘bring your old’ analogue, to modernise existing assets and escape costly new hardware investments.

Supporting PSTN replacement, Aura Connect for Analogue cloud-enables your legacy assets to make old, new again. It brings your communications into the future, without hassle or outlay – making tricky easy, as a service. That Tricky-as-a-Service approach provides numerous benefits for your organization…

Integrate everything

Aura Connect for Analogue ensures technology is completely integrated by digitising tricky assets, including DECT, fax, POS, SIP endpoints, mobile and web clients, lift extensions, wireless handsets and conference phones. It’s also compatible with any collaboration suite – whether that’s Teams, Zoom or on-premises software.

Save time and money

It’s quick and simple to deploy with instant provisioning and seamless integration across locations and users to save you a lot of time and hassle. Additionally, there’s no need to invest in new devices. You can ‘bring your own device’, utilizing existing analogue devices and other legacy technology.

Make your life easier

With Aura Connect for Analogue, you can scale up and down as your business needs change. Create your own consumption model to only ever pay for what you need. And enjoy impressive redundancy in 5 regions with full encryption for resilient voice calling.

Find out more about Tricky-as-a-Service

If you want to modernize your analogue assets, Aura Connect for Analogue can eliminate the barriers of time, cost and hassle. Like all our services, it’s available globally with one, consolidated contract. To find out more, arrange a call with our team, where we can discuss your requirements and create a bespoke solution.


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