Modernizing Analogue Assets with Aura Connect

Moving to the cloud isn’t always straight-forward, especially for analogue systems like DECT and fax. Find out how Aura Connect for Analogue can help.

Avaya’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

With Avaya filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, nothing is certain in unified communications. Find out how to protect your Avaya investment, whatever the outcome.

Managing the Openreach Stop Sell

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Personas for Intuitive Communication Experiences

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Avaya Aura 8 End of Sale

Discover the three main options for organizations using Avaya Aura 8 – and how we can assist in the migration to Aura 10 or another platform.

Vendor Consolidation – Yes, It’s a Thing!

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Supporting Desktop Users with Ease

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Getting to Grips with Global Smart Hands

Need IT support in new, remote locations? Aura’s Global Smart Hands services provide feet on the street, wherever and whenever you need them.

Introducing Device as a Service

How do you get the right technology for your organisation during continued uncertainty? Introducing subscription-based hardware with Device as a Service.