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We’ll support your on-premise infrastructure until they become redundant. Through our professional services, we can manage your migration to the cloud, all through one provider.

We’ll provide the valuable insights you need to understand what assets you have, and what you do and don’t use. We typically identify 20% in unused licenses, bringing immediate cost savings.

We’ll support your end-to-end communication estate, regardless of vendor or deployment type (on-premises, hybrid, cloud). You can even count on us for any end-of-support services that others can’t manage.

When you’re ready to tackle a move to the cloud, we’re ready too. If you want to stay, that’s ok too. Our services and expertise lie on both camps, so we got you.

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Get support for your on-premise, legacy, unsupported, and tricky assets, under the same contract as your cloud.

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We work with the leading vendors in unified communications, we have all the certifications and can support and integrate your systems, so you only deal with us! Easy right?

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Deliver meaningful customer experiences with the latest cloud-based contact center solutions.


Support critical voice and data with secure, highly resilient, enterprise-grade, global SIP solutions.

Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud as needed, while maintaining support for your on-premises infrastructure.

Professional Services

On-demand access to experts in 145 countries, to deploy, manage, and enable your technology.

Global Support

Tailored support and maintenance to meet your needs, from component parts to fully managed services.


Cloud migration refers to the process of transferring an organization’s digital assets, including applications, data, and IT infrastructure, from on-premises environments to cloud-based platforms.

There are several strategies for migrating to the cloud, each catering to diverse migration needs.


  • Lift-and-Shift involves moving existing infrastructure to the cloud with minimal changes
  • Re-platforming refines applications to partially leverage cloud benefits
  • Re-architecting transforms applications to maximize cloud-native advantages
  • Re-purchasing replaces on-premises software with cloud-based solutions
  • Retaining involves postponing migration for certain applications
  • Retiring entails removing obsolete components.


These strategies differ in complexity, time investment, and optimization level, allowing organizations to tailor their approach based on the desired balance between rapid migration and harnessing cloud-native features.

Cloud migration can bring a range of challenges such as data security concerns, application compatibility issues, potential downtime, network bandwidth limitations, skills gaps, cost management complexities, vendor lock-in risks, and regulatory compliance demands.


These challenges can be addressed through careful planning, implementation, and ongoing management.

The cost-effectiveness of cloud-based enterprise communications vs. on-premises solutions depends on factors like existing infrastructure investments, scalability needs, data transfer costs, and long-term expenses. Cloud solutions often offer reduced upfront capital expenditures, scalability benefits, and predictable pricing, while on-premises solutions provide control and leverage existing investments.

Aura can guide you through the cost analysis considering your organization’s unique circumstances and requirements, while also ensuring optimal utilization of your existing on-premises assets before transitioning to the cloud, all supported under the same roof, SLAs and contracts.

Aura works with leading communications vendors like Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Ribbon to tailor solutions to your specific business needs and ecosystem. We have experience working with diverse technology vendors and provide end-to-end support for your entire communications estate, irrespective of deployment type or brand. We also ensure that you can fully utilize your current setup without prematurely migrating to the cloud.

Yes, Aura provides assistance for on-premises, legacy, EOL, unsupported, and complex assets, all within the same contract as your cloud services. This simplifies support and maintenance for a variety of assets.

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