Aura Collaboration

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate face-to-face in real-time. Conduct webinars or training sessions easily. All in one place. On any device. We’ll help you to get going with Microsoft Teams. It’s part of Office 365 so it’s easy to start working together on documents in group conversations, meetings and presentations.

Collaborate smarter with Microsoft Teams.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration features, including persistent chat, threaded conversations, file storage, instant messaging, audio, video and sharing.

Use Office 365 with Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams with Office 365 to collaborate securely in real-time. Creating documents from Word, Excel and PowerPoint is quick and easy.

An all in one tool

Integrate voice with Microsoft Teams for an all in one communications tool, combining calling, meetings and messaging into a single solution.

As a service

With a pay-as-you-go pricing model, you are only charged for the services you consume, with the ability to scale as large or as small as you need. On top of that, reduce infrastructure needs and lower maintenance and overhead costs.

Cloud-based phone system

Your traditional PBX phone system needs expensive investment, maintenance and space on site. This cost is removed with Microsoft Teams, making it cheaper and easier to manage.

Enhanced security

Security and compliance are enterprise grade and include multi-factor authentication and continuous data encryption. Fixes are deployed as discovered, making sure systems are always up to date.

Migrate at your pace

Because we can support your incumbent and deploy Microsoft Teams where and when needed, you are in safe hands. We can help you maximize your current investments without penalising your users.

The Aura difference

5,000 Experts

Across all technologies and countries to help you make the best decisions.


Support for your complex environment, however many vendors that includes.

Global Presence

Direct presence to support physically any location in 150 countries, with local resources.

Best of All Worlds

As robust as a service integrator, as fast as a local provider and as dynamic as a start up.

Is Microsoft Teams the right solution?

An all in one communications tool, collaborate smarter.

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