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Modern Workplace

With the workplace evolving at lightning speed, distributed teams and new business models bring complex collaborative and security issues. Enable your workforce with the right tools to connect and support users, wherever they are, promoting productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Unite people seamlessly via any location, on any device.

Work Anytime

The ability to work remotely, on your own schedule is the new norm in the modern workplace.

Work Anywhere

Even when in the office, employees are experiencing greater freedom to move around.

Work on Any Smart Device

Workers no longer need to be chained to desks. Laptops and smartphones are today’s office.

One size no longer fits all

The days when a single vendor ticked all the boxes are gone. Much of the modern workplace revolves around multiple technologies and apps that help us to work smarter, easier and enable better collaboration.

Cloud is key

The benefits of cloud usage include lower costs, greater storage capabilities, and data backup in the event of a natural disaster.

New-age security

Embrace new technology with confidence with our holistic capabilities to protect your data and users. We help you simplify your security strategy to power the modern workplace experience.

Move from Capex to Opex

Agile, predictable XaaS solutions deliver exactly when and where needed while freeing up IT resources.

We guide you around solutions from top-tier vendors.

Driving a healthier life through technology

A global pharmaceutical company improves its IT Health with centralised global managed support.

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“Aura Alliance support is really good, invoicing is always on time and correct. They are the best business partner we’ve ever had, including Avaya.”

The Aura difference

5,000 Experts

Across all technologies and countries to help you make the best decisions.


Support for your complex environment, however many vendors that includes.

Global Presence

Direct presence to support physically any location in 150 countries, with local resources.

Best of All Worlds

As robust as a service integrator, as fast as a local provider and as dynamic as a start up.

Is Modern Workplace for you?

Connect and support your users to promote productivity, engagement and collaboration.

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