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*****You already know what technology your people need to communicate and collaborate brilliantly. But implementing and managing it is a whole different story.


Aura’s Connectivity solutions are built for performance, agility and security, wherever you operate around the world. Provide the highest quality of service and take advantage of new developments – without tying your team up with complex technology and vendor management.

Boost your business communications with reliable, secure network

Unmatched quality and reliability

Give users the robust, business-grade services they need to get on with their jobs. Be more flexible with greater scalability.


Our connectivity solutions offer world-class service, diversity, simplicity and cost savings. We can connect you to any carrier, any application, (nearly) anywhere in the world.

Save money

Lower your phone bills by switching to VoIP. We'll optimise your existing internet infrastructure, to keep investment to a minimum and gains to a maximum.

Build a security-first network

Our network has end-to-end encryption ensuring a reliable, resilient solution. Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, and GDPR compliant.

Find the solution that suits your business

Aura Connect

The simplest and most affordable way to enable voice-calling capabilities at your collaboration apps. Global, flexible and endlessly scalable.

Global SIP

Say goodbye to your legacy network, PSTN and TDM connections. Our global SIP network delivers maximum quality, and our feature-rich voice has you covered

SBC as a Service

Secure your future with our SBC as a service offering. Get the freedom of choice in terms of which one or multiple UCaaS to go for.

Aura Connect for Analogue

Make old new again with our solution that instantly connects any old analogue device and bring it to digital era, escaping costly new hardware investments.

A network that never sleeps​

Simple. Flexible. Global Available in 89 countries globally, supporting you wherever you are in the world. Built-in Azure, our end-to-end encryption ensures a reliable, resilient solution. Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, and GDPR compliant.

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