Exceptional support saves a multi-million dollar trade deal for this US bank


A US banking organization was experiencing interrupted - or even - dropped trade calls, caused by inadequate levels of support from its existing provider. This lead to substantial loss of earnings and trust.


Aura stepped in to provide proactive monitoring and support of the bank’s Avaya voice systems, with built-in business continuity for extra resilience, to identify and address issues before they affect the business.


Productivity has been boosted by a voice system that staff can rely on, leading to happier customers who get the levels of service they expect, and a bank that has secured more, higher-value trade deals than ever before.

The future is cloud

Since 2021, Aura has been providing support for the bank’s Avaya voice system across three locations, and for around 400 employees, in the United States. Managing and supporting its legacy communications system while navigating a move to cloud, has been vital.

Our extensive experience in managing legacy technology, while guiding customer journeys to cloud, has provided the bank with invaluable consultancy and advice to shape it’s future technology roadmap. This helps it to make smarter decisions, without compromising on service. Our multi-vendor capabilities also allow the bank to plan ahead based entirely on its strategic needs, and avoid vendor-led limitations.

Support that is one step ahead

Our proactive monitoring solution showed its true worth recently, when the bank reported a phone system failure during a critical multi-million-dollar trade deal. Before the fault impacted service, the system identified the issue, failed over as intended, and allowed the bank to complete the deal, without interruption – not only securing the revenue, but more importantly, upholding the bank’s reputation.

Aura’s strong skillset and broad support wrap, along with its consultancy and advice, have helped the bank significantly improve the quality of its voice services, and move forward confidently with its IT strategy.

Solutions provided

Global Support

Our expert, round-the-clock support has dramatically improved the bank's service performance.

Business Continuity

Regular failover testing ensures continuity of service in every situation, whatever happens.

Cloud Migration​

Our expertise in both the legacy and cloud worlds adds flexibility and agility for future business growth.

Help your own business to work better, smarter

Aura removes the burden of working with lots of different vendors across multiple disparate systems, by managing it all – under one roof, globally. We link up data and technology siloes, to seamlessly integrate your systems.

Free up your IT teams to work on higher-value projects, like creating fantastic new customer experiences.

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