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Avaya has been the bedrock of enterprise communications for as long as we can remember, powering unified communications and contact center for organizations across the world.


With cloud collaboration applications, many businesses have included multiple collaboration applications in their technology stack. Although integration might have been the first priority, management of it has become a complex challenge.

Avaya is my backbone

If you trust the reliability only Avaya provides, but are looking for a better partner to support your Avaya infrastructure globally right now, and moving forward, you’ve come to the right place. 

Everything under one roof

Bring your entire Avaya estate, contact center and all, under the same contract, with co-terminus dates, and one SLA, globally. Gain visibility of what you have and use (and don't) to improve efficiencies, and simplify management.

Stay up to date

Whatever happens with Avaya, we'll continue support of all products, including end-of-support, through our vendor support services.

Cloud or not Cloud?

As Avaya experts, we can guide you to the best solution for your business needs, whether that's cloud, or not. We have certified engineers across 145 countries, ready to plug-in your new solutions, or ship your new kit, to any corner of the world.

Eco-system support

We work with most third-party platforms and vendors globally, giving you fully integrated support.

A move to cloud is inevitable? We'll support this move whatever the vendor, whenever that is.

We’ll support your Avaya systems until they become redundant. Through our professional services, we can manage your migration and Microsoft licenses, all through one provider.

We’ll provide the valuable insights you need to understand what assets you have, and what you do and don’t use. We typically identify 20% in unused licenses, bringing immediate cost savings.

We’ll support your end-to-end communication estate, regardless of vendor or deployment type (on-premises, hybrid, cloud). You can even count on us for any end-of-support services that others can’t manage.

When you’re ready to tackle a move to cloud, we’re ready too. We’ll transition your services as and when you choose, ensuring a smooth integration along the way.

The expertise you've been looking for

30 Years Avaya Experience

With our unique Avaya Gold status and full accreditation, we have the skills and experience to deploy and support Avaya globally.

Simplified management with AuraONE

We bring vendors, contracts and technologies together and manage them globally, under one roof, removing the complexity and delivering you simplicity.


We support your complex environment, however many technologies and vendors that includes.

Your one-stop shop for everything communications

Ultimate flexibility

Use the communication platform or platforms that you want, our underlying services are vendor agnostic.


Seamlessly integrate your sites, technologies and applications for one consistent user experience.

Global footprint

We provide professional services and local support engineers in 145 countries worldwide.

Enterprise voice

Secure your daily conversations with our global SIP trunking solutions. Connect your legacy estate, cloud applications, and everything in the middle.


Avaya provides a suite of communication and collaboration tools designed to enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity within organizations, globally. These solutions encompass messaging, video conferencing, voice communication, and team collaboration, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Aura has more than 30 years’ experience deploying and supporting Avaya solutions globally.

Yes, Avaya solutions generally offer integrations with popular business applications, such as CRM systems and email platforms, to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. As a multi-vendor communications provider, Aura can support your entire Avaya ecosystem through a single provider.

Aura is an Avaya Diamond partner. We provide on-site Avaya support across 145 countries, through a network of certified partners and experts, who ensure that support quality remains consistent, regardless of geographic location.

Yes, Avaya’s collaboration solutions are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing integration and co-existence with other communications and collaboration platforms. This integration can be achieved through various methods, including APIs, connectors, and interoperability features. Aura can help you to leverage the strengths of both platforms while providing a seamless experience for your users.

Aura offers support for a wide range of Avaya systems, covering both current and legacy products. Even where Avaya has announced End of Sale and End of Manufacturer Support – products that are no longer supported by Avaya directly – Aura offers ongoing support of such lines products, until you are ready to switch.

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