Aura Partner Connect Event

Unplug from Teams meetings and connect face-to-face with the entire Aura Team at our Partner Connect Event! A night dedicated to building relationships and fostering collaboration to unlock growth.

Where and when?

F1 Arcade in St. Pauls

Buckle up with Aura for a pit stop at F1 Arcade! Unleash your inner champion on full-motion racing simulators. Refuel with amazing food & drinks, and celebrate the win (or commiserate the loss) in an awesome night.

18th April 2024

From 5 p.m

Why Attend?

Imagine expanding your reach and portfolio instantly. Partnering with Aura unlocks a world of possibilities and we want to tell you all about it - while racing for the Grand Prix.

Go global effortlessly

We simplify complex international projects, putting you in the driver's seat.

Expand your offerings

Enhance your capabilities with our comprehensive suite of services, including unified communications, contact centers, and more.

Grow revenue faster

Reach new markets and upsell existing clients with our diverse portfolio.