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Aura is a specialist in Avaya support with over 30 years of service delivery experience in deploying and supporting Avaya customers globally. If Avaya’s recent announcement to End of Sale Avaya Aura 8 has left you uncertain of your future strategy, we can help.

Avaya is part of my future

Great news! Aura can support your Avaya infrastructure now and moving forward.

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I’m moving to Microsoft or Zoom

Great news! Aura can help you transition at a pace that suits you.

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I’m still assessing my options

We can guide you on a transformation strategy that best suits your needs.

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What are the changes and what does it mean for me?

From 13th December 2021, Avaya Aura 8 will be End of Sale. Orders for new greenfield deployments and upgrades from 7 to 8 will no longer be accepted. Whilst additional licenses for version 8 will be available through December 2022, current perpetual licenses with SA/UA maintenance will move to subscription models, and all new installations will be procured as Aura 10, and offered only on a subscription basis.

The implications of this change will vary by business but uncertainty surrounding support, commitments and cost can be expected.

Whether you want to stay with Avaya and slowly migrate to Aura 10, move to the cloud with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or you’re still assessing your options, Aura can help:

Avaya is part of my future

But I’m worried about the impact of these changes on my business


We’ll stabilize your existing estate to support the next stage of your communications strategy.

Investment protection

Our migration and support services will ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk and cost. Upgrade to Avaya Aura 10 with confidence, and at your own pace.

Keep control

Our auditing services will ensure you only upgrade what you need and use, reducing cost and complexities.

I’m moving to Microsoft Teams or Zoom

Now is the perfect time! Why tie yourself into a 3-year contract that doesn’t support your forward strategy?

Protect your investment

We’ll support your Avaya platform until it becomes redundant.

Move at will

We’ll move at a pace that suits you, integrating systems while you migrate.


Our transition and migration services will support your move from start to finish.

Eco-System Support

We work with most third-party platforms and vendors globally, giving you fully integrated support.

I’m still assessing my options

But need expert advice to make an informed decision.


We’ll stabilize your existing estate while you consider your possibilities.

Understand what you have

Our auditing service will provide valuable insights into what assets you do and don’t need and use, simplifying the next stage of your communications strategy.

Professional Services

Our team of experts will help you to make informed decisions on the next stage of your communications strategy.

Move at will

When you’re ready, we’ll transition your services at a pace that suits you, integrating systems while you migrate.

The Aura difference

5,000 Experts

Across all technologies and countries to help you make the best decisions.


Support for your complex environment, however many vendors that includes.

Global Presence

Direct presence to support physically any location in 150 countries, with local resources.

Best of All Worlds

As robust as a service integrator, as fast as a local provider and as dynamic as a start up.

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