Gain full visibility across the supply chain and achieve operational efficiency

By bringing all your communications – from production, warehouse, management and sales, under one roof.

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The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and a major trend affecting manufacturing brands today is the rising demand for digital technologies. As the need for more efficient and innovative product development grows, tools like unified communications enable organizations to operate at their highest possible levels.

Consolidates many different tools into one platform.

Improve collaboration

Successful manufacturing requires seamless team collaboration. UC solutions connect departments, speeding up product launches and projects.

Robust data management

UCaaS acts as an all-in-one hub, tracking productivity and managing resources efficiently in manufacturing.

Quality assurance

Modern communications enables remote experts to conduct assessments, reducing time to market.

Reduce costs

Unified communications minimizes travel costs and consolidates software tools for financial planning.

Create a smarter, more efficient and productive manufacturing floor

Cloud is accelerating manufacturing innovation. Embracing cloud collaboration solutions allows manufacturing brands to operate at a faster pace, pulling insights from specialists all over the globe without the need for travel and complex scheduling.
Industry 4.0 relies on AI to enhance machine sustainability and efficiency. Embedded in communication, it enables predictive maintenance, mitigating issues proactively. Historical reports empower AI to identify emerging trends for swift resolutions.
XR are likely to play a significant part in the communication strategies of tomorrow’s manufacturing companies. XR solutions will allow teams to work together in more complex manufacturing environments, even when team members are distributed in locations all over the world.

Aura services for manufacturing industry

Aura Connect

Bring simple, affordable voice calling into Microsoft Teams, with no set up, codes or deployment. Unite workers, engineers and management instantly – without added infrastructure investment.

Device as a Service

Mitigate the costs of new hardware by moving to a subscription model. Consume the latest innovations in technology, with flexibility to cancel or upgrade, in line with your changing requirements.

Professional Services

Bridge the gap between technology and business objectives. Our on-demand experts and certified engineers are on hand across 145 countries, to deploy, manage, and enable your technology.

Cloud Migration

Achieve a secure, flexible, evergreen environment by transitioning to cloud. We’ll support your cloud and legacy assets as one, for seamless integration across systems, platforms and countries.

Global Support

Experience reliable, independent, global support at your fingertips. It’s our vocation. Tailored to meet your bespoke needs – from component part to a fully managed service – across the globe.

Help your business work better, smarter

Aura removes the burden of working with lots of different vendors across multiple disparate systems, by managing it all – under one roof, globally. We link up data and technology siloes, to seamlessly integrate your systems.

Free up your IT teams to work on higher-value projects, like creating fantastic new customer experiences. 

Streamline your operations with simple communications

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