Working in Harmony: Teams, Hangouts, Webex & More

As more organizations migrate to cloud platforms, interoperability becomes a greater challenge. Put simply, this is an application’s ability to connect and communicate in a coordinated way with a different type of software. The problem? By nature, proprietary technologies like Teams, Webex and Hangouts don’t interoperate with standards-based devices that most organizations already use.

That leaves organizations in a sticky situation. Firstly, an interim solution is required to connect new cloud solutions with pre-existing end points. On top of that, you need a plan to move away from existing on-premises infrastructure and eliminate hardware complexity. Read on as we discuss those issues in a little more depth – and most importantly, how you can overcome them…

The interoperability challenge

As companies migrate to the cloud, they often realise one thing – most of their software can be defined as proprietary technology. For the uninitiated, proprietary technology refers to an application or system that is owned exclusively by a single company. This means that they don’t allow for collaboration with software from other vendors.

You can think of proprietary technology as holding a patent. The point is not to enhance the software’s usability, but to ensure that the end-user purchases as many software licenses from a single company as possible. Some popular examples of proprietary technologies are Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams.

The main issue here is that there are many times when different groups – or even end-users within a single organization – don’t use the same software. So, how do you keep everyone connected when this happens?

Meet Aura’s Collaboration Hub

Data exchange and communication between different systems is the bread and butter of technology. But for this to happen, we need interoperability. The unrestricted sharing of data between different systems allows organizations to be more efficient and perform at a higher level.

Aura Collaboration Hub is a cloud-based solution that ensures a native workflow between users of different video conferencing software – such as Teams, Webex or Hangouts. Having one integrated solution for video conferencing simplifies virtual meetings and keeps overhead costs to the bare minimum.

The benefits of Aura Collaboration Hub

People work better together. This is what you can achieve by implementing Aura Collaboration Hub…

Seamless integration

First and foremost, Aura Collaboration Hub integrates seamlessly with existing investments in video and scheduling systems so, you can effortlessly connect with others, regardless of device, platform or vendor.

Investment protection

Existing SIP, H.323 and Skype-for-Business systems can join Teams, Webex or Hangouts meetings with full video, audio and content-sharing capabilities. So, you can protect and extend the life of existing conferencing assets by integrating them with new cloud platforms.


Aura Collaboration Hub supports native scheduling on all applications with easy-to-use One-Touch Join functionality too. This ease of use allows you to boost end user satisfaction, improve adoption, and increase usage.

Low maintenance

Don’t pay for expensive multipoint control unit contracts. Get a low-maintenance solution that covers all your virtual meeting needs, instead. By adopting a cloud-based solution that bridges the gap between old and new technology, you can streamline assets while you transition and keep costs to a minimum.


Unlike other virtual meeting solutions, Aura Collaboration Hub grows alongside you. Flexible deployment options can always align with your cloud strategy and adapt to how you work – and not the other way around.

Cloud migration

If your organization has just started transitioning to a cloud model, Aura Collaboration Hub is perfect for you. Why? Because it will get rid of all hardware-associated complexities and scalability issues. On top of that, its agility and quick deployment will make your cloud transition as smooth as possible.

Let us help you

Interoperability doesn’t happen overnight. Aura Collaboration Hub can help you in both the short- and long-term, bridging the current gap and working towards an interoperable future.

Get in touch with Aura today to talk more about the Aura Collaboration Hub and how it can deliver for you.

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