6 Ways to Level-Up Your Microsoft Teams Investment

Microsoft Teams is an industry-leading collaboration tool that helps teams stay connected and organized, wherever they’re based. Investing in that alone is a great step forward for most organizations. But you can actually get so much more from your Microsoft Teams investment.

In this post, we’ll look at six ways to do exactly that and add more value to your business.

1. Voice in Teams

Imagine a world where you can have full calling capabilities on any device, without the need to switch to different software? With Aura Connect, that’s possible. The consumption-based model allows you to grow at your own pace, with legacy systems integrated into Microsoft Teams to minimize disruption.

It’s available in 78 countries with local numbers and multi-currency support, and built in Azure with end-to-end encryption for complete compliance and security.

2. Call recording

Even with all the great features offered by Microsoft Teams, there may come a time where you need to record calls for compliance. Or maybe you need to record video meetings for absent staff or training purposes. Whatever the case, that’s made possible with Aura Clarify.

Analyse interactions to monitor and improve staff performance. Add tags, flags or notes to organise saved files. Provide limited-time access for specific recordings to maintain security. All of that – without leaving Teams.

3. Monitoring & reporting

Do you need to know more about user behavior or adoption in Teams? Now you can.

Aura Insight for Teams provides in-depth reporting, analytics and customizable management tools. You’ll be equipped to do everything from tracking talk time to identifying peaks and troughs in calls.

The solution provides full visibility of every part of your Teams platform and even makes it easier to route calls, manage queues, and manage Direct Inward Dials (DIDs).

4. Native contact center

If you want to go one further with calling in Microsoft Teams, how about integrating your contact center with advanced functionality?

Using Anywhere365, Aura will help you build a Cloud Contact Center of the future. Your entire workforce can assist with customer engagement to redefine the contact center experience.

That’s topped off with bespoke integration services, so your native contact center will work seamlessly with existing technology, including your choice of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

5. Hybrid meeting rooms

With hybrid work taking over, meetings need to adapt. Video calls aren’t suitable for those in the office, while physical meetings can leave remote staff feeling out of the loop.

The solution? Hybrid meeting rooms which provide the same accessible, engaging, and interactive experience to remote and in-office participants.

Thankfully, you don’t need to invest in a new platform to make it possible. Aura can provide state-of-the-art equipment for display and audio to work alongside Microsoft Teams’ video calling and scheduling features. We can also assist with the feet on the street to install or configure technology wherever and whenever it’s needed.

If you’re considering this option, take a look at our article on hybrid meeting room integrations, which looks at the common challenges and solutions.

6. Connecting legacy technology

Last but certainly not least is the need to bridge legacy video or scheduling technology, so colleagues can connect despite using a different platform, device, or vendor. This is necessary for global businesses that want to leverage existing investments while avoiding isolation across different sites or regions.

Aura’s Collaboration Hub makes it possible by seamlessly integrating proprietary technologies with standards-based devices. One-Touch Join functionality means you’ll increase adoption and usage while bridging the gap between new and old, streamlining assets, and keeping costs to a minimum.

Get more from Microsoft Teams – starting today

You’ve made the right step by investing in Microsoft Teams – now it’s time to start getting even more from that investment. Aura provides a full suite of solutions to help you do exactly that, covering every base from insight and analytics to seamless integration and all the functionality your teams need.

Ready to get more from Microsoft Teams?

We’d love to talk about the opportunities available to your organization. Contact us today to organize a discovery session with Aura’s team of experts.

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