Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Call recording has become common practice for modern businesses. With good reason too. It allows you to fine-tune customer service, improve staff training and monitor staff performance with ease. Not to mention staying compliant with the relevant standards and regulations.

At the same time, we’re seeing more and more companies making the move to Microsoft Teams. Beyond collaboration, Teams is a practical solution for making business calls both internally and externally. The question is – can you combine the benefits of call recording with the powerful functionality of Teams?

With Clarify Recording, the answer is a resounding yes!

What is Clarify Recording?

Part of the Aura Insight portfolio, Clarify Recording is an intuitive recording solution that allows you to capture Microsoft Teams interactions. From calls and video conferences to screen-shares and even chats – no conversation is missed. Each and every file is then stored securely, and fully encrypted, so you can access them as and when required.

Analysing interactions with Clarify Recording allows you to improve customer service, optimise call handling processes and monitor staff performance. High-quality recordings are also a valuable resource for staff training, highlighting best practice or illustrating areas for improvement.

By adding tags, flags and notes, you can easily organise and filter your saved files. Or integrate with Dynamics CRM to store and retrieve recordings by client name or number. Limited-time access to specific recordings allows you to share files securely without the need to send large amounts of data or provide unnecessary authorisation to people inside or outside your organisation.

Standard vs Advanced

As with all Aura Insight solutions, Clarify Recording is tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation. That starts with two service levels, Standard and Advanced, to match your needs.

With Standard Clarify Recording, you’ll be fully equipped to record all interactions, store them securely and analyse them with ease – not to mention expert support at every step. Everything is kept compliant with GDPR and PCI, including an easy-to-use pause a resume feature.

Moving up to Advanced, you’ll be able to listen live to active users with Active Directory and flexible on demand recording, as well as gaining access to a range of speech analytics tools. Speech to text, sentiment and emotion, confidence rating and even keyword trends are all available at the click of a mouse.

Find out more about Clarify Recording

With Clarify Recording, you don’t have to miss a single interaction. The intuitive, secure and flexible solution can help you identify risks and track staff performance for a customer experience that’s truly outstanding.

If you’d like to find out more, our team is always on hand to talk about your requirements in more depth. Contact us to arrange a no obligation consultation.


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