The Aura Alliance has taken a major step forward on the journey to becoming a global, multi-vendor alliance, acquiring the Unified Communications Alliance (UCA). We discuss the acquisition and how it will benefit end users worldwide.

[vc_row][vc_column][boc_heading color=”#45546a” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”40px” css_classes=”thintext”]AURA ALLIANCE ACQUIRES UCA AND UCATL[/boc_heading][vc_column_text]Aura Alliance is well on track with its strategy to becoming a global multi-vendor service provider, with the acquisition of the Unified Comms Alliance (UCA) and the Unified Communications Alliance Technology Limited (UCATL).

With their unrivalled Microsoft expertise on our side, we’re now even better placed to help clients deploy and manage unified communications, regardless of their choice of vendor or location in the world.


Acquiring Microsoft expertise

By acquiring the UCA and UCATL, the Aura Alliance has added their wide-ranging Microsoft expertise and experience to our arsenal. This acquisition is part of the plan for Aura Alliance to broaden their Avaya-centric offering to a multi-vendor global service provider. With UCA’s global network of Microsoft business partners in more than 80 countries, we can now offer our global customers the same consistent service and support for Microsoft solutions.

In doing so, we’ve brought UCATL software integration clients like Microsoft Skype Client and IBM Sametime Client in house. These easy-to-install plug-ins work with any platform (Avaya, Cisco, Broadsoft, Mitel) to integrate Skype for Business and/or IBM Sametime seamlessly.

They bring the native collaboration features of Skype for Business or IBM Sametime, like click-to-call, to your existing voice system while delivering a top-rate user experience. Fitting perfectly in our portfolio, these applications are ideal for organisations with mixed technologies looking to maintain their PBX investment. They’re also perfect for companies looking to transition from existing UC enviroments towards Microsoft Skype for Business over a period of time.


The best user experience

“At the Aura Alliance, user experience is at the top of our list. Our goal as a company is to provide the best user experience to our customers – across the board. That includes the best service and support for our customers, regardless of the choice of vendor, technology or location in the world,” comments Aura Alliance CEO Tony Parish

“As the alliance has evolved, our customers have overwhelmingly asked us to deliver a similar set of services to cover their estates based on enterprise UC and contact centre (CC) technologies. And that extends beyond Avaya…”

“Many of our customers have mixed estates, through acquisitions, and have asked that those are managed in the same unique way that we manage their Avaya centric deployments. In the last few years we have added services to cover this requirement.”


Our unique position

With this landmark acquisition, we are delighted to provide a further tranche of services and expertise. The addition of these services and products puts us in an even more unique position to assist customers in designing, deploying and supporting UC and CC estates on a global basis.

In short, businesses can always trust that the Aura Alliance will be there to help them use the best-of-breed technology with the unbeatable support we’ve become renowned for.


About the Aura Alliance

Founded in 2009, the Aura Alliance is an alliance of industry leaders in UC. We help deploy and support UC technology for multinational businesses and organisations. With over 5,000 certified technical specialists from more than 60 partners across 120 countries.

Over the coming years, while continuing to work closely with Avaya, we are expanding our expertise and support to offer a seamless multi-vendor service for our customers. And the UCA and UCATL acquisition is a landmark moment in this journey.

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