New Features of Aura Alliance Collaboration Software extend financial return from existing Avaya/IBM communications infrastructure.

The Aura Alliance, the global provider of Avaya support and software development, has announced completion of a year-long development programme that delivers advanced productivity features and greatly increased return on investment from existing infrastructure based on Avaya communications and IBM Sametime/Notes platforms.


Launched two years ago, the Aura Alliance Client for IBM® Notes® and IBM® Sametime® takes the powerful features of the Avaya communications platforms and integrates them seamlessly with the IBM solutions, making life simpler and more productive for office-based and mobile users. Fully ‘Avaya Compliant’ and DevConnect approved, the Client software delivers a suite of business-boosting features, including enterprise telephony capabilities, presence synchronization and instant video conferencing in high definition, all deployed with minimal effort.


A period of intensive development over recent months has delivered a new set of both admin and user features that will compel managers of Avaya/IBM collaboration solutions to reconsider their investment plans in the future.


The new features focus on giving greater visibility and management of functionality, such as Feature Access Codes, call history and call routing. Other features enhance the user experience with improved mobile connectivity, an enhanced interface and simple ‘one-click’ access to incoming calls of group members.


Importantly, the software client offers an exceptional return on investment due to a cost-effective licensing model and simple deployment. This means that businesses can extend feature sets and prolong the life of existing Avaya/IBM resources without the investment and disruption associated with system replacement.


Rolf Kuster, Aura Alliance CSO, explains how the client software delivers important financial advantages:


“Our client software offers the ultimate opportunity to get ‘more from existing’ by enhancing Avaya and IBM systems with the latest collaboration features, simply and seamlessly. This means business users get the slick communications they need to stay competitive whilst IT managers can be confident that they are applying due diligence and best business practice by minimising investment.”


Tony Parish, Aura Alliance Founder and CEO, adds:


“At best, the software extends the life of existing systems for years to come. At worst, it incurs a comparatively tiny cost to buy time while assessing investment in the vast number of unified communications options available on the market today.”





About Avaya DevConnect

Aura Alliance is a Technology Partner in the Avaya DevConnect program — an initiative to develop, market and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology and extend the value of a company’s investment in its network.



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