Aura Alliance iDASH Delivers First Mobile App for Monitoring Avaya Contact Centre on iOS and Android


Announced at the Aura Alliance Global Conference in November, the latest version of iDASH, the mobile monitoring application for Avaya CMS Contact Centre, is now available with an enhanced feature set and operability across both iOS and Android platforms.


By addressing the Android user base, iDASH meets an important requirement from contact centre managers operating in the rapidly growing APAC regions as well as established markets. Combined with a uniquely simple approach to installation and operation, these features give iDASH a significant lead over more limited options and add to the benefits of moving to an Avaya-driven contact centre.


Developed by Aura Alliance in partnership with communications software developer Empatel, iDASH is a real-time monitoring tool which enables managers, supervisors or team leaders to monitor their Avaya CMS contact centre operations on portable devices while they are away from their desks.


In this way, iDash eliminates the need to delegate responsibility and delivers management information without interrupting contact centre operators. The intuitive interface allows definition of user groups and privileges according to ACD location and skills.


This latest release of iDASH follows a low-key launch of the first version some 12 months ago. Aura Alliance Founder and CEO, Tony Parish, explains why:


“We wanted to deliver something that is exactly in tune with the day-to-day needs of contact centre supervisors across the world. To this end, we’ve been gathering customer feedback on V1 during 2015 and finally gave a preview of the latest IDASH in Hong Kong at the Aura Alliance Global Conference last November. The response was excellent. Bearing in mind that all our members are amongst the world’s top Avaya Connect Partners, this was a huge tick in the box and secured our decision to go to market this month.”


“For global businesses, contact centres are operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Degradation of call centre resources or operator performance can happen at any time. iDASH gives supervisors and managers the information necessary to identify these issues before they damage service levels and customer loyalty.”


Available exclusively from the Aura Alliance, iDash can be downloaded from the iTunes store.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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