Introducing Aura Connect 2.0

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In today’s fast-moving digital world, you can’t achieve anything by standing still. That’s why we’re continuing to improve Aura Connect – our dedicated service to enable voice in Microsoft Teams.

Aura Connect – the story so far

Voice calling is integral to most organizations. It has been for several decades. But in recent years, digital transformation has become equally important. This integration of digital technology to improve operations means moving away from legacy systems.

All too often, that comes with the exception of the legacy phone system – given how complicated it can be to deploy a digital alternative. On the flipside, outdated phone systems can’t be integrated with digital collaboration and communication tools that modern organizations rely on.

That was until Aura Connect came along. Powered by our global network of trusted partners, it allows you to easy deploy and activate voice through Microsoft Teams at multiple sites. Legacy systems can be integrated with a simple consumption-based model and a single contract and point of contact for all your requirements.


How is Aura Connect evolving?

Aura Connect already helps a diverse range of organizations across the globe. But is now, it’s getting even better in terms of pricing and availability.



We’ve simplified the pricing structure even more with a choice of pay as you consume or unlimited calling:


      • Pay as you consume includes the platform and direct inward dialling (DID) for £2.99 / €3.50 / $3.69 per user per month. You’ll then pay based on usage for calls.

      • The unlimited bundle includes the platform and DID plus unlimited usage (subject to our fair-use policy) for £8.99 / €9.50 / $9.99 per user, per month.

    Whatever your preference, Aura Connect provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional calling plans.



    Previously, Aura Connect was available to 78 countries across the globe. That coverage is expanding to include 89 countries worldwide. This impressive availability comes with no compromise to simplicity, thanks to our Aura One approach. So, no matter how many users and sites you have in different countries, you’ll still get one contract and a single point of contact to make management a breeze.


    Other great features

    Let’s not forget what makes Aura Connect the choice of so many organizations around the world:


        • We can cope with any demand, so you can scale up or down without limits.

        • There’s no complex codes or migration, so you can start in a matter of minutes.

        • Our intuitive portal makes management, analytics and reporting simple.

        • You can select local numbers for a long list of countries.

        • We offer complementary SIP trunking and SBC services.

      • Aura Connect is available for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.

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