Voice Services That Speak Your Language

In recent years, interactive voice response (IVR) has become a must-have for any business dealing with a high volume of customers. It automatically interacts with customers, gathering information and sending them in the right direction. Used effectively, it can also create an invaluable connection between your customers and your company.

The problem? Not all businesses, branches and customers speak the same language. This poses a significant barrier for both the functional interaction – sending customers where they need to be – and the business-customer connection. Thankfully, Aura’s Multi-lingual Voice Services can provide a bespoke, innovative solution…

The voice prompt dilemma

As mentioned, IVR is the most efficient solution for enterprise-level telephony. It improves customer experience, getting them the support they need without being passed around or repeatedly put on hold. At the same time, it reduces time consumption for your workforce by dealing with that crucial first step of the customer journey on your behalf.

However, it goes without saying that customers prefer a natural human voice in their own language than the classic robotic voice that rudimentary systems have in place. Unfortunately, this robotic voice is the only option for some businesses. Far too often, that voice is only available in widely spoken languages like English or Spanish, leaving you with a choice between the most time-efficient solution and the more personal interactions your customers actually want.

What if you could combine both?

Aura’s Multi-lingual Voice Services allow you to get the best of both worlds when it comes to IVR. Complementing our Customer Experience portfolio, we can provide IVR prompts in more than 50 different languages from across the globe. That gives you the efficiency of IVR without the robotic, non-personal downside that alienates customers.

When we say multi-lingual, we don’t mean roughly translated or ‘broken’ language. Drawing upon a global network of voice artists and certified translators, we can provide recordings and translations down to the right accent for your telephone system.

Recordings are even reviewed by native speakers before delivery, so you can rest assured there will be no odd expressions, dialects or even rhythmic patterns for your IVR messages. Put simply, customers will feel like they’re talking to one of your local team.

Going the extra mile

As with everything from Aura, our Multi-Lingual Voice Services tick every box to make life easier for you. On top of multi-lingual IVR, we provide training in a language of your choice to avoid misinterpretation when transitioning staff to the new technology.

That’s paired with a flexible choice of subscription-based monthly packages for your IVR requirements. Scale up or down based on the number of sites or languages required. Even better, you’ll have our expert communication consultants on hand throughout your IVR implementation.

Find out more about multi-lingual IVR

From Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese to Arabic, Spanish and Russian, Aura’s Multi-lingual Voice Services speak your language to improve customer experience and boost efficiency for your team.

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