Effortlessly add phone calling to your Microsoft Teams with Operator Connect

Call anyone, anywhere by using Microsoft Teams Operator Connect as your enterprise phone system.

Turn Microsoft Teams Operator Connect into your business phone solution

Instantly start making calls anywhere through any device that has Microsoft Teams.

Be up and running in minutes, through our automated portal.

Manage your phone numbers, users, and call flows in one place.

Our customers typically save 30% off on their phone bills by switching to us.

Make Teams your primary phone system

Call anyone, from anywhere

Boost collaboration by including inbound and outbound calls through any Microsoft Teams device.

Built for reliability & survivability

Guarantee service availability with geo-redundant voice backed by multiple POPs and a 99.999% uptime.

Supports dynamic E911

Ensure your Microsoft Teams Operator Connect deployment is fully compliant with current E911 regulations.

Simple number management

Allocate existing numbers to your 365 users, or request new number blocks.

Make phone calls directly in Microsoft Teams

Slash your communication costs by over 50% compared to Microsoft Calling plans and traditional phone systems. Choose a consumption model that fits your team best.

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Slash your communication costs by over 50% compared to Microsoft Calling plans and traditional phone systems. Choose a consumption model that fits your team best.

Simple, affordable, feature-rich voice calling

Scale without limits

Scale up and down, instantly. We’ll ensure capacity, regardless of demand.

No scripts or codes

No deployment, codes or migration, enables users to start calling within minutes.

Intuitive portal

Easy provisioning of users, reporting, alerts, analytics and support.

Global network

Available in 89 countries with local numbers, and multi-currency support.

Local and toll-free numbers

Select numbers with global availability.

All inclusive

Support for full-carrier SIP Trunking and SBC-as-a-Service solutions.

Emergency services

Enablement of emergency calling, across all numbers.

Local and toll-free numbers

Select numbers with global availability.


Supports cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, or a mix of them all.

Team of more than 1,000 users?

Enterprise communications and collaboration is far from one-dimensional. We recognise that businesses often have multiple systems across their sites, that need managing collectively. We can help you bring all your comms under one roof.

Enhance your voice experience with our end to end services

We can support all your collaboration applications, whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid, and connect it seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams.

Take advantage of our exceptional 24/7 service centre, that brings expertise and support to manage your technology from a single point of contact.

We support Microsoft ecosystem to improve further collaboration and analytics.​


Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is a feature that allows organizations to integrate their existing phone systems with Microsoft Teams. It enables third-party operators or carriers to directly connect to Teams, providing seamless calling experiences between Teams users and external phone networks.

While regular Teams calling features focus on internal and external calls using Microsoft’s infrastructure, Operator Connect goes a step further. It enables external operators to connect directly to Teams, maintaining your existing phone system’s capabilities while seamlessly integrating them into the Teams environment.

The main benefits of using Operator Connect include leveraging your existing phone system’s capabilities within Microsoft Teams, maintaining investments in on-premises infrastructure, and retaining familiarity with existing operator services. It also streamlines communications by eliminating the need for separate calling systems, providing cost savings, centralizing collaboration tools, and enhancing user experience.

The specific requirements will vary depending on your current phone system and infrastructure. Generally, you’ll need to have an established relationship with a supported third-party operator, suitable network configurations, and the necessary technical expertise to set up the integration. Aura, as a certified partner, can assist with this integration.

While there might be technical requirements based on your existing setup, Microsoft Teams Operator Connect is designed to work within the Teams platform, so no additional hardware is usually needed. Your existing phones and network equipment should suffice, as the integration happens at the operator’s level.

Yes, Operator Connect allows you to connect with both external phone networks and traditional landlines. This capability enables you to maintain communication with individuals and organizations outside of your Teams environment without needing to switch between different systems.

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