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An extra pair of hands to lighten the load

Your organization’s growth and innovation rely on a solid IT foundation, but keeping up with constant technology changes and the rise of remote and hybrid working can create gaps in your teams skills. That’s where Aura’s professional services come in to save the day.


Think of us as an extra pair of hands, bringing you the skills and resources you need, wherever you need them. From one-time deployments in far-out locations to ongoing project management overseeing your cloud migration, we’ve got you.

Extend your team the easy way

Plug skills gaps

Instantly fill the expertise gaps you're missing with our 5,000 vetted professionals.

Create real value

Achieve your business and technology goals with our consulting and out-tasking services.

Accelerate projects

Whether deploying new tech or managing existing systems, we'll fast-track your success.

Harness your team

Free up your IT team and let them focus on game-changing projects while we handle the nitty-gritty.

Services that give you competitive edge

Customer Success

Deliver successful projects by seamlessly aligning technology tools, investment, and consumption. Our CS Team will help you maximize ROI across a wide range of scenarios.

Project Management

Fast-track planning, design, and implementation with our global project management services. Boost adoption like never before.

Project Coordination

Centralised, expert project co-ordination anywhere in the world, for consistent high standards and great ROI from your projects.

Field Service Engineers

Around-the-clock operational support services for onsite and remote management, installation, and troubleshooting.

Remote Engineers

Access remote L1-L4 engineers to provide you with the skills and resources to support even complex environments.


Experienced specialists to help guide your transformation strategy to success.

Transition Management

Support your staff through the tricky process of change, and improve business outcomes with proven processes for smooth transition.


Increase adoption and make sure staff are using technology to its fullest with flexible, multi-lingual training available in 145 countries.

Program Directors

Make sure your projects are reaching strategic goals, incorporating new ideas and adding real business value.

Experts that are dedicated to your success

Anywhere, any time

Round-the-clock local on-site or remote support in 145 countries around the world.

Speaking your language

A choice of English or local language support to remove language and cultural barriers.


Whatever vendors power your business, and however complex your environment, we’ll make management simple.

Processes that work

Our robust methodologies are proven to deliver the best results throughout the project lifecycle.

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