Global communications management made simple with Aura

Global Communications Management

We are a proud member of the Aura Partner Program. Together, we can deliver and manage global communications for customers wherever they are in the world. With a local presence and global availability across 120 countries, we have a multitude of leading-edge technologies and solutions at our fingertips to solve customers’ IT challenges today and tomorrow.

About Aura

Aura is a new kind of managed services company, providing support for global communications across a wide range of technologies to deliver customers SIMPLICITY.

One contract. One point of contact. One unified experience. Taking full ownership of customers’ IT infrastructures, systems and applications to simplify the way they work.

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As member of Aura Partner Program, we can offer:

Technology at your service

We focus on your needs while using the best technology in the communications industry. We’re agile to onboard new tech and quick-to-market.

Let us help solve your international challenges

If you have operations in more than one country, we can help. From choosing the right technology to dealing with multiple vendors, language barriers and local laws and regulations, with Aura we have the resources to make this simple.