Are you suffering from Vendor Frustration?
Click to see the symptoms you should look out for:

An ongoing headache caused by vendor overload.

Blurred vision after trying to reconcile hundreds of invoices, often in different currencies.

A sore throat from constantly shouting at ineffective vendors.

Anxiety and worry as you overspend in time and money on managing contracts.

Unresolved tickets and broken systems with no ownership.

Helplessness of your IT Team to resolve issues.

Finger-pointing between vendors to avoid taking responsibility.

Applications not working together, leaving users frustrated.

Fatigued teams that sign contract renewals at inflated prices because its quick and easy, when there are better options out there.

Aura can help to ease your pain

After helping many customers to solve their vendor frustration issues, we realized the relief we could bring to others by sharing this awareness and hope.

At Aura, we are specialists in Global Avaya Support, as well as a multitude of other technologies, such as Microsoft, Ribbon, Oak, Nice, Nectar, and more. We bring vendors and technologies together and manage them GLOBALLY, under one roof, removing the complexity and delivering you SIMPLICITY.

Managing Contracts

We take full ownership of your contracts, Avaya licences and any other third-party providers, and consolidate them into ONE CONTRACT.

This allows you to recognize and save money on unused licenses or assets, gain greater visibility of your end-to-end IT estate and ultimately, make better, more informed, strategic decisions for a successful future.

Global Service Levels, Local Support

We ensure your overall IT strategy is applied at each site and in each country, seamlessly. Through our global network of partners, we deliver you the service levels you expect, with local engineers, in native language (where required).

Global Complexity, Simplified

Our expertise in managed services extends the globe. With capabilities stretching 145 countries, we’ve got you covered. Wherever you operate, we remove the complexity of managing taxes, customs and duties in each and every country. We have the ability to deliver locally, invoice in multiple currencies and secure you more competitive contracts.

And with the added bonus of giving you back TIME, your team can focus on planning for the future.

This is why this Fortune 500 global pharmaceuticals company chose Aura

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400 contracts consolidated into 1.
70K users across 150 sites supported through one helpdesk.
40 disparate systems unified across countries and vendors.
End-to-end visibility gained across the entire estate.
Centralized management of local rules and regulations across countries.

The Aura difference

We bring together technologies, systems and providers across multiple regions into one consolidated service, to simplify your operations.

Can we relieve your symptoms?

The answer is yes! We’ll get you back to full health in no time at all.
Simply, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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