Aura Connect

Global SIP

Enable SIP in minutes. With Aura Connect, you can scale up & down, pay as you go and experience high-quality calls instantly. Integrate your legacy phone system or run hybrid to modernize Microsoft Teams with Voice.

Aura Connect Global SIP

SIP Trunking built for reliable, enterprise-grade voice services

Enterprise Connect

A consumption-based model that allows you to grow at your own pace.

Migrate Connect

Integrate legacy systems into Microsoft Teams.

Voice Connect

Enable voice in the cloud to provide full calling capabilities into Microsoft Teams.

Carrier Connect

Leverage our carrier, SIP Trunking and SBC solutions to aggregate carriers. Forego committed contract obligations.

Flexible and simple

Scales on-demand, allowing you to instantly provision voice connectivity. Utilize the panel to provision, manage, alert, report and control the entire life cycle. No scripts. No code.

Global presence

Available in 78 countries with local numbers, multi-currency support and secured in five regions.


Built-in Azure, our end-to-end encryption ensures a reliable, resilient solution. Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, and GDPR compliant.

Simple. Flexible. Global

Available in 78 countries globally, supporting you wherever you are in the world.

The Aura difference


One provider, one monthly invoice, one configuration, one point of contact 24/7


Full carrier SIP Trunking and SBC services with global availability and support of toll-free and emergency services.


Consistent user experience across countries, people and applications.

Solutions Hub

Support for your environment whatever your technology, whoever your vendor.

Is Aura Connect your future?

Enable SIP in minutes. Experience high quality calls instantly.

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