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All the voice services, one connection

Enable local, long distance, and toll-free calling with a single connection including E911.

Total flexibility

Scales on-demand with our intuitive portal, allowing you to instantly provision trunks, remotely. No scripts. No code.

Make old new again

Connect and digitise your old phone systems and assets without costly hardware investment.

Bring your own carrier

Easily plug and play with your existing communications platform and get up and running in minutes.

SIP trunking for instant, unlimited global voice

Get the security, control and network performance you need, without investing in hardware, with Aura Connect Global SIP.

Our globally accessible on over 89 countries, securely connected to all major public cloud providers, transforms VOIP performance with no headaches.

Take your voice to new highs

Instantly connect your PBX to the cloud

Say goodbye to traditional capacity restrictions and embrace the cloud for faster workflows and cost savings. With Aura Global SIP, it's a breeze to link your existing PBX system to the world in minutes.

Connect at a fraction of the cost

Pay for what you use— with our transparent per-minute pricing. Move from the expensive carrier contracts and reduce further costs and time by simplifying your network to a single provider globally.

Go global in minutes

Easily connect to 89 countries and operate throughout the whole world with comprehensive security, centralized provisioning and management and global consistency.

Scale on demand instantly and effortlessly

Short-term peak traffic? Aura’s Elastic SIP Trunking automatically scales, up or down, to meet your traffic needs with unlimited capacity. Through our secure portal, manage sudden surge in calls or rapid growth, and scale, adjust routing, and manage numbers on the fly.


Stay agile with Aura Global SIP, with on-demand trunk provisioning, innovative cloud features, and unlimited capacity that scales like a boss.

Solutions to get you connected

Contact Center

Supercharge your contact center by adding inbound and outbound SIP connectivity. Seamlessly integrate with enterprise SBCs and enjoy advanced redundancy features for unbeatable availability. Say goodbye to carrier and contract hassles across multiple countries with our reliable SIP connectivity.

Unified Communications

Elevate your phone connectivity game. Enhance VoIP and UC services with secure and dependable PSTN connectivity. Keep your existing carrier or choose our "Bring your own Carrier" (BYOC) option to leverage global Elastic SIP Trunking services from Aura. The power is in your hands.

ISDN & PSTN Replacement

Upgrade your outdated ISDN trunks or PSTN lines to cloud-based SIP solutions. Unleash your business's communication agility and effortlessly scale services up and down across 100 countries. It's time to leave the past behind.

What we call 'Tricky' assets

Escape the limitations of the past by bringing your analog devices into the digital world of today. Our solution handles those "tricky" assets like DECT phones, analog conference phones, Wi-Fi devices, and more, making them cloud-enabled without any hassle or extra expenses in hardware.

All the features you need and more

Scale without limits

Scale up and down, instantly. We’ll ensure capacity, regardless of demand.

No codes

No deployment, codes or migration, enables users to start calling within minutes.

Intuitive portal

Easy provisioning of users, reporting, alerts, analytics and support.

Global network

Available in 89 countries with local numbers, and multi-currency support.

Local and toll-free numbers

Select numbers with global availability.

All inclusive

Support for full-carrier SIP Trunking and SBC-as-a-Service solutions.

Emergency services

Enablement of emergency calling, across all numbers.

Local and toll-free numbers

Select numbers with global availability.


Supports cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, or a mix of them all.

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