Streamlining Oil & Gas global complex communications systems


A major oil and gas company struggled to stabilize their complex IT estate amid stringent industry requirements and non-standard locations, necessitating a specialist provider.


Aura swiftly took control of the company's diverse assets across 40 sites worldwide, consolidating them under a single contract and addressing unique logistical challenges.


Aura's expertise ensured a quick transition, with a dedicated Service Delivery Manager overseeing migration and a support model combining local experts and global consistency, resulting in improved service levels and future strategic collaboration.

The skills and expertise to help

A renowned global oil and gas company faced a daunting challenge in stabilizing their IT estate as part of a broader transformation initiative. Aura, a trusted partner with expertise in managing complex multi-tech, multi-site environments, was brought in to assist. Overcoming hurdles like diverse technologies and stringent health and safety requirements, Aura successfully took control of the IT assets within a remarkably short timeframe.

We quickly took stock of the company’s assets, which spanned various technologies – including Nortel, Siemens, Ericsson, Philips and Alcatel – and rationalised them under one contract.

Aura provided not only on-site resources and parts but also a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to ensure a smooth transition. The support model was designed to incorporate local experts while maintaining global consistency. With Aura’s valuable industry experience and agility, they swiftly met the client’s requirements.

As a result, the client now enjoys improved service levels, and Aura is collaborating with a global Systems Integrator to shape the client’s future strategy, offering insights and cost-saving opportunities through Aura Insight.

Invaluable industry experience

One of the key reasons why the client chose Aura was our track record and expertise in delivering exceptional services across a multitude of sectors. With invaluable experience in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, we had a number of transferable skills that we could apply to the unique challenges brought by oil and gas.

The breadth of service options, local expertise and flexibility to meet the customer’s demanding requirement and timescale, have provided a ‘best in class’ service to empower the transformation strategy.

Solutions provided

Global Support

Our expert, round-the-clock support has vastly improved the company's performance and operational efficiency.

Insight & Analytics

A holistic view of its communications estate has identified unused assets and delivered significant cost savings.

Global Field Services

Feet-on-the-street support in every location brings peace of mind that faults will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Help your own business to work better, smarter

Aura removes the burden of working with lots of different vendors across multiple disparate systems, by managing it all – under one roof, globally. We link up data and technology siloes, to seamlessly integrate your systems.

Free up your IT teams to work on higher-value projects, like creating fantastic new customer experiences.

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