A global agricultural company merged 32 sites into one thanks to Aura

A leading developer of advanced plant genetics faced the task of harmonizing 32 disparate systems and infrastructure in 25 countries. Aura stepped in to provide a seamless migration, offering new Avaya solutions, comprehensive support, full-hand migration services and maintenance.

Transitioning from a multitude of vendors, technologies and sites to one streamlined provider


Managing 32 sites spanning EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions. Each site with its own system and infrastructure, varying from Cisco and legacy Avaya to more dated solutions.


Aura facilitated a seamless transition to Avaya solutions, including hardware and comprehensive support and maintenance across all sites. We also provided vendor management consolidating all technologies across 32 countries.


Aura merged 32 sites into one, providing one central point of contact for the migration and support. This simplified the installation and migration, providing better communication, uniform pricing and on-time delivery.

The future is cloud

A leading developer of advanced plant genetics faced the daunting task of harmonizing disparate systems and infrastructure across their global network of 32 sites spanning 25 countries. Each site had its unique technology setup, necessitating a transition to a unified Avaya solution. The client required a simultaneous global migration within a year and flexible quoting that involved internal approval from each of their 32 sites.


Zero Hassle

Aura facilitated a seamless transition by providing new Avaya solutions, including gateways, servers, phones, licenses, software, and site surveys. They also offered comprehensive support and maintenance across all sites. With their global network and partnerships in each country, Aura ensured uniform pricing, responsive terms, and flexible quoting, allowing quotes to be held for an extended period for internal sign-off.

With Aura’s global network on their side, the organisation had one single provider for all their sites across a long list of countries. That meant a much simplified installation, hassle-free transition and importantly, peace of mind.

Solutions Provided

Global Support

Our expert, round-the-clock support has dramatically improved the bank's service performance.

Global Professional Services

Aura has around 5,000 experts in 145 countries, ready to advise, deploy and maintain your communications stack.

Avaya Support

All your Avaya estate and third-party environment managed under one roof.

Help your own business to work better, smarter

Aura removes the burden of working with lots of different vendors across multiple disparate systems, by managing it all – under one roof, globally. We link up data and technology siloes, to seamlessly integrate your systems.

Free up your IT teams to work on higher-value projects, like creating fantastic new customer experiences.

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