Avaya is Back Following Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Earlier this year, the future of Avaya was somewhat uncertain after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

As we pointed out in February, this simply gives businesses time to reorganize debts and repay creditors without stopping operations. Thankfully, the restructuring process was a success, with Avaya emerging from Chapter 11 after 76 days.

Read on to find out what this means for Avaya and its customers.

Exiting Chapter 11

Above all else, the Chapter 11 process was about making agreements with creditors to cut Avaya’s debt. It was relatively quick, with many speculating that significant creditors had already made agreements with Avaya prior to the filing. Avaya has emerged as a private company with a long list of new directors providing support.

So, what does that mean for Avaya users? According to new CEO, Alan Masarek, customers can look forward to accelerated investment:

“Today, we turn the page and enter a new future for Avaya, our people and our customers,” he said. “We are moving ahead with significant financial resources to accelerate investment in our portfolio.”

Avaya is back!

Avaya’s renewed vigor means that existing customers don’t have to worry about a lack of investment in technology and infrastructure, which could have seen Avaya fall behind the competition. In short, that means there’s no need to search for new support or migrate to new technology to avoid disruption.

Amongst the commentators on Avaya’s return was our very own Tony Parish, Aura CEO. Along with the Aura team, he met with Alan Masarek at a channel partners event to discuss Avaya’s channel focus and Innovation without Disruption strategy.

“It’s clear that on the successful exit from Chapter 11, that Avaya is back in business in a big way,” he said on LinkedIn. “This is very good news for Avaya customers and partners.”

Supporting your Avaya estate

Avaya’s successful exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy is undoubtedly good news for businesses with an existing Avaya estate. It’s something we’re celebrating at Aura too, given our track history of providing Avaya solutions worldwide.

Aura has the world’s largest ecosystem to design, deliver and support Avaya solutions globally. Having accumulated more awards than any other Avaya partner, we’ve now expanded our global reach by becoming a partner in the US. That’s backed by full accreditation and Avaya Diamond status.

Whether you want to streamline Avaya support for multiple sites in different countries or integrate new technologies while leveraging your existing Avaya investment, Aura has the expertise and resources you need. To find out more, simply contact our team today.


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